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You must be 16 or older to play (that's to register and join in!)




  • Why do we ask this? Because the forums facilitate real-life meets, for your safety we ask that you only sign up if you're over 16.


  • If you join up under the age of 16 with your real birth date and we find out, we'll suspend the account until your 16th birthday.


  • If you join up under the age of 16 with a fake birth date and we find out, we'll suspend the account for at least a year (depending on how old we determine you to really be) in increments of one year, and when your suspension is lifted you won't be able to post until you change it to your real birthday.


  • Do not fake your age even if you're over 16. We may ask for proof of ID before returning your account.



Interacting with mods:


  • Be civil to everyone and do not harass any member of this site, even if you don't like them. Bullies shall not be tolerated.


  • Do not post sexist, racist, homophobic or any other hateful material.


  • If a staff member asks you to do/stop doing something, do so immediately.


  • Swearing is allowed with moderation, but do not aim it at others.


  • Debate is encouraged but flame wars are not.


  • You cannot claim ownership or sovereignty over any part of these forum. You cannot order someone to "leave your thread" or "stop looking at your profile". Use the Report button instead and a moderator will decide if any action needs to be taken.


  • Do not spam, go wildly off-topic or post an identical topic of one recently closed by the staff.


  • Trolling is not permitted. Any instances of trolling will be dealt with as swiftly, succinctly and soundly as possible.


  • Engaging in chat-style, one-sentence posts is frowned upon, but not prohibited. This style of posting is only really acceptable in the Spam and Forum Games section.


  • Use the search function before posting a new topic and only 'bump up' an old topic if your post adds something to the subject.



General catch-alls and legal bits:


  • The staff are here to make things run smoothly, not to sort out your personal issues with other persons. We are not the internet police; at best we can ask you to avoid confrontations with anyone you have an issue with.


  • Staff are unable to monitor or police what happens at meets, and cannot ban or reprimand members based on issues that occur at events. Please contact meet organisers or staff directly to resolve any issues.


  • Do not abuse the report to moderator function for banal reasons, repeat offenders will be chastised and/or reprimanded depending on the nature of the abuse.


  • Do not create secondary accounts, even if you have been banned. You only need one account, as you are only one person.



And finally:


  • Do not deface the board, post malicious code, post links to malicious websites or otherwise attempt to annoy other members and screw with their equipment.


  • Do not promote, advertise or encourage illegal activity including piracy and drug taking on these boards.


  • Do not post adult materials or websites in any message in this forum.


  • Do not come here looking for a partner or sex tips. There are other websites for that; we're here to get people talking together.



  • We will decide whether you're breaking any of these rules, not you, however you may report staff you feel might be abusing their power to other staff for a second opinion.


  • Attempt to have fun despite how horribly demanding we are.
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